My name is Ryan Boren. I am a lead developer of WordPress and a co-conspirator at Automattic. I live in Dripping Springs Texas at the Irie Smial Preserve with a bunch of animals.

I’m a non-compliant neurodivergent playing in the intersections of project-based learning, neurodiversity, the social model of disability, design thinking, design for real life, the hacker ethos, open web, open source, open gov, open education, service learning, restorative justice, and industrial empathy. Check Twitter and Refind for what I’m up to.

Where I’m at:

  • Normalize cannabis and cryptography.
  • Embrace neurodiversity and the social model of disability.
  • Champion the open, mobile web.
  • Open all source.
  • Design for real life.

Some things about me:

  • autistic
  • atheist
  • vegan
  • transhumanist
  • civil libertarian
  • skeptic

Heal our systems:

  • projects > lectures
  • agency > compliance
  • inclusive model > deficit model
  • social model > medical model
  • acceptance > awareness

Continuously updated link logs on topics I follow:

Flow, recursive dogfooding in the open:

Everyone should read:

Software & the internet are at their best when making human systems more inclusive, accessible, and transparent.