81 thoughts on “WordPress 2.4 on January 24th

  1. A new baby coming? Belated congratulations and all that! Sounds like that development should take precedence over any WP development ay?

    We’ll wait. :D


  2. Yessir, Babies and Family and are whole lot more important than WordPress Blogging and weird people like me. ;)

    Glad to see your got your priorities in order, that is to be commended. :D



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  4. I may be late here but congratulation still the same. Nothing like newborn baby can make us happy all over again.
    Im glad i found someone so techy yet so family oriented. Thanks for that. Now we are really friends… baby and wordpress.. what a combo!!


  5. Tristen says:

    I read that a number of big-name apple blogs running wordpress sites have recently been hacked. Will there be a patch to the current version to fix this/these problems?


  6. Is a mockup or demo of the new admin design already available? Can’t wait to see it, as I find the current one rather ugly, to be honest.

    I was just wondering about that myself actually… Ryan, around what time frame do you think you’ll be able to get started on the admin redesign?


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