Sex makes (some) people stupid.

Natalija Radic received some interesting replies to her article, Sex makes (some) people stupid. In that article she discusses how politics and attitudes towards sex relate and addresses the case of a 15 year old Australian boy who was provided with a prostitute as his dying wish. Regarding sex and politics she says,

One of the really nice things about sex is that you can completely loose yourself in it for a while. But what is it about sex that makes people lose their reason even when it is someone else who is doing it?

Our conservative friends may stand with us regarding economic freedom and capitalism, but as soon as I slip into something interesting and make a seriously risqué suggestion, I rarely have a problem separating the libertarians (or Eastern-communists for that matter) from the conservatives and Western-socialists… not that they actually have different urges, just that one is open about it and the other only admits it if no one else is listening.

In some ways, I think many conservatives have accepted the Western socialist-feminist attitude to women, and think we are these poor hunted things that need to be protected from men. This attitude, coming from a strange mixture of Christian prudishness and Western-socialist identity politics, is particularly hilarious to me as I grew up in a communist country in which men were men, women were women and everyone understood the implications just fine thanks.

Steering a conversation toward sex will tell you who you’re talking with. Conservatives start talking of morality and immorality, post-modern Leftists start talking of objectification, and the Libertarians and pro-Enligtenment Lefties laugh and bait the others. For extra credit, put a porno on during a party and watch the room faction. The Puritan ethic still runs deep in America, and the subject of sex makes many Americans squirm.

Regarding the dying boy, Natalija has this to say.

So when I read something like a sad little article about a 15 year old boy in Australia who was provided with a prostitute before he died of cancer, I cannot help but wonder at how some people have reacted to what was nothing less than an act of kindness and charity.

Conservatives fume about ‘immorality’ and people who fondly imagine themselves to be feminists fume about ‘sexual objectification’, but fortunately in that hospital there were people who realised that what mattered here was not the views of others but rather that a dying boy wanted to experience what all 15 year old boys want to experience before he died.

Right on. The handwringing over this issue is silly. He’s a hormone pumped boy who wants to get laid before he dies. So let him. For the no sex without love contigent I say, “What’s love got to do with it?” Really. Sex is a good time whether love is involved or not. This kid’s final wish was to have a good time, and that’s what he got. As for the prostitute, she is not the victim of sexual objectification but a professional practicing her trade and bringing a little joy to an abbreviated life filled with suffering. The only ethical implications I see relate to those who worry more about reconciling their prudish morality to the events than the welfare of a dying kid. As he died, I’m sure he didn’t care that “ethicists are still at odds over whether it was the right thing to do.” He was probably thinking that he should have asked for more prostitutes.

Sex does indeed make some people stupid. It also makes them dishonest. Thankfully, the kid was honest and had the help of other honest people who got him what he wanted.